Integrated Tissue Dynamics-INTIDYN  is a therapeutic research analysis and advisory firm, not just a contract laboratory.

INTIDYN’s founders and chief scientists, Dr. Frank L. Rice and Dr. Phillip J. Albrecht, have over 30 years of published expertise in research on the skin, cutaneous innervation and vasculature. They are the foremost established experts in a holistic, comprehensive research approach that is renown for integrating high-resolution, multi-molecular morphological assessments across a wide range of nonhuman and human research models. Their ground-breaking research has been featured on the covers of such high impact journals as Nature Medicine, Neuron, PNAS and Pain.

Functioning for years as a multi-molecular morphometric core facility, our scientist's expertise continues to be sought by a vast, expanding network of international collaborators. This network includes 5 Howard Hughes Investigators and over 30 leading universities, government research institutes, and pharmaceutical companies. Our past and ongoing research maintains our leading edge in ground breaking discoveries. 

Our collective experience provides unique insight and expertise in the execution, evaluation, integration and, especially, the interpretation of multi-molecular morphological analyses of the skin and cutaneous innervation.  Our scientific staff can facilitate all phases of therapeutic discovery, development, and translation.

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