Intidyn's core competency is the design, execution, and interpretation of immunochemical structural analyses of tissue specimens, particularly skin biopsies spanning across both basic and applied research settings. Intidyn has extensive experience with preclinical and clinical studies. Confidentiality will be maintained according to the clients' needs and industry standards.

Study design: Intidyn will assist the client in designing research projects that the client wishes to conduct with their own personnel or that they wish to have Intidyn conduct.

Execution: A typical project will involve sectioning, immunochemical processing, and microscopic analysis of skin specimens according to the needs of the client. The specimens can be provided by the client and shipped to Intidyn according to the specifications of Intidyn. Intidyn can also recommend or arrange collaborations for potential alternate sources of specimens, such as qualified clinicians for clinical studies. Immunochemical assessments will be conducted by epifluorescence and/or confocal microscopy using systems and software engineered by MBF Biosciences. Assessments can be qualitative and quantitative according to our clients needs. Publication quality reports on the results will be provided.

Interpretation: Intidyn can assist the client in interpreting the results of studies conducted by the client or by Intidyn on behalf of the client. The interpretation will be based upon Intidyn's vast experience in integrating and interpreting results from numerous previously published studies and unpublished Intidyn proprietary information.

Additional services: Intidyn can arrange to share portions of skin specimens in collaboration with other investigators who have expertise in other technologies such as assessments of message levels using RTPCR, in situ hybridization and gene arrays.

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