How to Support Further Research on Fibromyalgia and Other Types of Chronic Pain

Integrated Tissue Dynamics is a for profit research company and cannot accept tax deductable donations. Tax deductable donations to support the research of a nationwide network of pain specialists can be made to the Clinical Pain Research Program at the University of California San Diego, an American Pain Society Center of Excellence, by contacting the UC San Diego Office of Development (; 858-534-1610; specify area of research) or UC San Diego Center for Pain Medicine (; 858-657-7072). This network, referred to informally as the Neuropathic Pain Research Consortium, includes top neurologists, anesthesiologists, and research scientists at leading universities and pain treatment centers in California, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin. The consortium includes renown pain specialist Dr. Charles Argoff, who was the Principal Investigator on the fibromyalgia study, and Dr. James Wymer who are in the Neurology Department at Albany Medical College,

Albrecht PJ, Hou Q, Argoff CE, Storey JR, Wymer JP, Rice FL (2013). Excessive Peptidergic Sensory Innervation of Cutaneous Arteriole-Venule Shunts (AVS) in the Palmar Glabrous Skin of Fibromyalgia Patients: Implications for Widespread Deep Tissue Pain and Fatigue.
Pain Medicine, May 20. doi: 10.1111/pme.12139 [Epub ahead of print].

Posted at the National Library of Medicine (PubMed):

A description of the study for the general public can be found here.

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